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How Does Beautygram Work?

Beautygram works by auto-liking and following over 60,000 people per month through your Instagram account.

When you engage with this many people and they see that you have engaged with them in their notifications, they will come back to your profile to follow you, like your photos, and comment on your pictures.

In order to get started simply login to your account, connect your Instagram, customize your settings, hit ‘Save & Start’ and you’re done! Beautygram will run behind the scenes as you continue to use your account normally.

Just sit back and watch all your new, real followers and likes come rolling in.

Can you send me followers quickly?

We don’t send you fake followers like most other Instagram marketing services.

Beautygram works by generating real interactions to your Instagram profile. We do so by liking photos and following people from your account automatically.

This will leads to thousands of REAL people coming to your profile and liking photos, leaving comments, and following you back.

How do I get started?

First and foremost thank you for checking out Beautygram! To get started visit:

Once you have purchased a subscription and created a Beautygram account, it is now time to connect your Instagram account to your dashboard.

Once you have added an account, customize your settings and press ‘Save & Start’.

You’re done!

How does the following and unfollowing work?

Beautygram will only ever unfollow the people the software follows, leaving the people you follow manually alone on the Beautygram setting. If you would like to unfollow everyone switch the setting to “All” and the software will gradually unfollow everyone you are currently following.

Beautygram = Unfollow only people the software has followed

All = Unfollow everyone that the account currently follows.

We generally see the best results when on the delay of 2 day setting. However, some people like to maintain their feed so they switch it to 1 day setting.

How do I stop billing or cancel my account?

To cancel or avoid being billed further simply click ‘Cancel Subscription’ from your ‘My Account’ page and you will no longer be charged.

Our site is SSL secure and we never keep your credit card details on file.  Instead, we have partnered with STRIPE to ensure that your payment details are secure at all times.

When will I start seeing new followers and likes?

Generally, you will notice an increase in interactions on notifications on your Instagram account within 24 hours.  This activity will continue to increase after a few days once your account starts to gain attention.

Keep in mind you are generating REAL followers here and not purchasing fake bots or instantly ordering followers and likes.

Our system works by liking and following 60,000 people per month from your Instagram account. This will get real people to come back to your profile and interact and follow you.

You will see an increase of thousands of REAL followers and likes month after month!

Will this get my Instagram account banned?

There is absolutely no risk involved with using our platform. The methods we use keep your account safe, secure, and engaged with your target audience.

Why am I not able to follow any more people?

Instagram limits the amount of people you follow to 7500.

If you are following this amount please turn off following and run unfollow only for a week or so.

Do I need to stay online or download anything?

No, Beautygram is 100% web-based and does not require any software downloads. Once you press ‘Save & Start’ Beautygram will continue to run on the web.

What do I do when I get a re-auth email?

Instagram may require that you verify your account by sending you a captcha code or re-auth email. This is 100% safe and will never jeopardize your account.

Why is Instagram asking me to 'Re-Authorize' my account?

We are automating your activity from your account and sometimes the daily limits of Instagram will be exceeded.

This is 100% safe and will not risk your account. Simply login to your Instagram account, enter the captcha code or press the “yes this was me” button.

Beautygram will wait 12 hours before engaging in following and liking activity to further protect your account.

Why do you need my password?

Beautygram works by signing in to your Instagram account and auto-liking and following over 60,000 people per month. Essentially, the software works as if you were liking and following these accounts yourself.

There is absolutely no risk involved with using our platform. The methods we use keep your account safe, secure, and engaged with your target audience.

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