How it Works

We help you get real and targeted followers, likes, and comments on your Instagram.

The #1 Instagram Growth Software

Beautygram started as a fun project to see if quality Instagram automation could actually be done. We tested the software on our own Instagram accounts, but soon everyone wanted to know how we had grown our following so quickly. Before you know it, Beautygram was born!


Automated Followers

Beautygram automatically follows users based on your preferences. When people see you’re following them, they reciprocate.  Gain thousands of new followers!

Automated Likes

Beautygram automatically likes user’s photos by targeting locations or hashtags. People reciprocate, leading to thousands of new likes on your profile.

Location Targeting

Location targeting allows you to focus your efforts to specific geographic areas. This is highly effective for local exposure and regional businesses looking to stand out.

Gender Targeting

Our unique gender targeting feature allows you to automatically interact with your choice of female, male or both audiences. Don’t settle for basic, be awesome!

Hashtag Targeting

We provide a full range of settings to help you increase and target highly specific users and keywords by hashtag or geo-location on your Instagram account.

Target Your Competitors

Want to be #1 in your industry? Beautygram allows you to easily target the same people who follow your competitor’s accounts. Dominate your competition!

Unfollow Users

Are there people you want to unfollow? Our software can automatically unfollow users followed by Beautygram, or all users on your account.  It’s up to you!

Blacklist Users

Sometimes there are people you would prefer not to interact with.  Beautygram has you covered! Easily blacklist any users on your account without them knowing.